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We are interested in your love

We are interested in your love /hate/confused/indifferent relationship with fashion.

We are interested in the tangle of potential emotions that arise when you open your wardrobes or when your partner is standing at the bottom of the stairs checking the time.

We are interested in 'what your mother wore' and in 'those itchy trousers she forced you into' . . .

We are interested in how you abuse or cosset the 'rags' that are the visible components of your public 'youness'.

We are interested in the 'differences' you have with your children, spouses or friends over clothes.

We are interested in the way you compete (or don't) in the tough world of skin deep appearences. . .
and we are absolutely fascinated by the agendas, the vanities, the compulsions and the sheer self indulgent pleasures of 'dressing up' every single day.

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This is marvellously witty! What a wonderful idea.

June 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRicard

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