Testimonials from happy clients

Lisa Bove, Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach - age 37

Similar to many women, I suspect, getting dressed in the morning involved leafing through a wardrobe bulging with clothes and concluding every time that I had nothing to wear apart from one or two ‘old faithful’ outfits. Well, that’s all changed, thanks to Anne.

Anne’s approach is quite different. She doesn’t give you rules for dressing different parts of your body; she goes beyond that to who you are and therefore how you really want to look (even if you’ve lost touch with it). This may sound a bit scary, but actually it was great fun: the insights she offered were spot on and I really felt she’d understood me, which gave me great confidence when she later offered advice.

At my wardrobe consultation Anne put together several really great outfits from items I already had – I was impressed. And even more so when two complete strangers told me how wonderful I looked in them.

Now I have a wardrobe of possibilities rather than limitations and getting dressed is quick, easy and worry-free (I can’t tell you how relieved my husband is). More importantly my clothes truly reflect me and my ‘cheeky chic’ style, whilst taking into account all the different aspects of my life. I’m also more confident when shopping as I’m clearer about what I have in my wardrobe and what will work for me, so my focus is very different. I really believe Anne’s services have saved me a lot of time and money.

And of course Anne is guaranteed to bring me that ‘spot on’ item for the season that’s just right for me. This year it was a beautiful coat and yes, I was stopped by complete strangers and told I looked fantastic and asked where did I get it? She really has a fabulous eye for what will make you look and feel wonderful; she’s a true gem amongst a box of dressing up beads.

Bridget de Milne-Dowsett, 36: Ex-Banker, charity fundraiser, and mother of three

"The amazing thing for me about Anne is that she comes into my life and my wardrobe and makes me the person that I am on the inside on the outside... due to lack of time and skill I am not able to do that myself... I stick the pictures that she takes of me in all the outfits on the inside of my wardrobe and then first thing in the morning or before I go out I decide which 'me' I want to look like today. This then takes three minutes and does not involve an armchair full of rejected items for that day. I love her low key approach and her absolute deep understanding of how clothes enhance a woman, not only slimming and flattering her shape and good assets but also her personality... I have used her three times and will use her many more in the future...."

Richard Graham: Company Director

"When my wife told me she had hired Anne Hamlyn to ' smarten me up' I had no idea what I was in for. Then one morning this charming, glamorous lady arrived and descended on my wardrobe. Away went old shirts and shabby trousers and also many much loved jackets and sweaters, all dispatched to the old clothes bank. Then I found myself gently and persuasively interrogated to discover how I really see myself and what I might need to project that image. She left promising to create for me something fresh and appropriate.
Ten days later she returned with 19 carrier bags. Over the next three hours as I was cajoled and praised and advised to the point where I selected nine or ten new outfits; virtually a whole new wardrobe from scarves to shoes.

Anne made the whole process such a pleasure; she gave her opinions so charmingly that it was hard to resist. And she was right. I have emerged into the world a new man with many, many compliments about my new clothes which I wear with real joy.

‘Thank you Anne!’ for creating my new look and for doing so with such flair and professionalism. ‘Thank you!' to my wife for giving me such a very touching gift."

Professional Couple London based,
2 children ages 4 and 6 (prefer to remain anonymous)

We found that Anne can dress men and women equally well. Her advice is practical and fits to your own tastes rather than trying to impose styles on you. What impressed us is that she buys high street as well as designer clothes creating outfits that look great but don't need to cost a fortune. Her taste is excellent and she makes you feel good about what you wear, guiding your choices and using your current wardrobe to much better effect. From weekend wear, to smart casual to formal wear Anne knows how to make men feel relaxed and women feel great. Well worth the investment.